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Follow along a few projects

From start to finish, we make sure you get everything you need

1: Drawings

2: Materials

3: Previews

4: Comments

5: Finals

We prefer Autocad drawings, but will work with the information and dimensions you have.


Cad drawings

Digital pdf's

Revit (exported)






Somehow we need to know the colors and materials that go into your product. If you have physical samples, the best way is to either scan them, or send us the name of the product and manufacturer and we can look up the sample on the internet. For interior projects it is especially helpful to name and number the various finishes and pieces that they are assigned. This makes communication easy and clear when referring to the various elements that go into your project. Spending a little time organizing the files you send us, saves both of us time throughout the course of the project.

We send you preview images before final imaging is done for you to review the design of the rendering. The main issues to check are:

1) Camera angle

2) Material assignment

3) 3d modeling accuracy


At this point the rendering is still very malleable. The first round of previews will likely look dull, and not have backgrounds, lighting effects, etc. The main goal is to check the basic accuracy of the scene.


After comments the rendering is further refined to the finished image.

When writing comments it helps immensely and saves time if these general guidelines are followed:

1) Make each round of comments all at once. If you have team members or other designers get everyone's feedback before sending us the comments.

2) Take time to review the entire image. Its not uncommon to notice something later, but taking the time to review the image will save both of us from confusion.

3) Number the comments. This helps when discussing over the phone, you can then reference "comment #7" instead of "the light over the west elevation by the window." This also helps when the fabric and furniture pieces are labeled as well.

At this point how the image looks shouldn't be a surprise because you've approved it before the high resolution image was made. It can take our computers anywhere from an hour to 10 hours (depending on the size and complexity of the scene) to create the final image. This will be laid out on the outset of the project.


The price of the rendering includes an 8.5"x11" image @ 300 dpi. Larger image resolutions are available.


We do not offer printing or mounting. This can usually easily be done at a Kinkos or local printing shop.

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