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For Contractors/Freelancers:

We are an American (USA) based 3d rendering company focusing on architecture and real estate rendering. Mostly residential. We have 8 in-house employees, but often use freelance 3d artists. We are very busy and in order to complete work for our clients we like to establish long term relationships with freelancers and contractors. Last year we paid a little more than $400,000 to all our contractors.


For us, rendering is more than just a final image, but its a process. Below I've listed some values that are needed if you would like to work long-term with us. All of these are very important.


*) Previews - probably the most important thing that we focus on is the previews/drafts. For some of our clients this is even more important than the final image. Previews don't need to be complete. They can be missing certain details, but they should show a)camera angles, b) accurate modeling, c) basic materials. You don't have to add sky, plants, cars, curtains, etc for previews. But previews need to give a basic idea of the building/room and its main features and finishes.

1) Software - we exclusively use 3ds Max, Vray, and photoshop. We started to use UE4 a little, but everything must be done in 3ds Max and Vray (not Corona). We have many plugins. If you use 3ds Max or Photoshop plugins you need to let me know, so that I make sure we have them too.

2) Source Files - for almost every project we will need the source files along with the final rendering. Many of clients change colors, or make design changes 3-6 months after a rendering is complete. We need all the source files so that we can edit and replicate the rendering you produced. This includes the .max and .psd files and the texture bitmaps and any proxies.

3) Organization - having clean files and modeling is desired. Using proxies with proper names is important for exterior renderings. Avoid groups. We have good computers, but dealing with heavy files is annoying and if it can be avoided it should be.

4) Post Production - as mentioned above, for most project we will have to reproduce the rendering you created. Please avoid merging layers in Photoshop. Also try to use masks instead of deleting layers. Clear labeling of layers helps too. Please also use passes in Vray. We always request you create at least a nice WireColor so that if we need to make an easy color adjust, we can do it quickly.

5) Communication - I understand that sometimes things take longer or problems happen. Its important that if there is a delay or an issue to let me know. Also, if something is going to cost extra you have to tell me before, so that I can get approval from my client. We respond as quickly as we can to your questions, and we ask that you communicate with us in a professional way.


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